Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Amanda Hat

This is my Amanda hat. I used the left over skein of Malabrigo from Tudora. This is is pretty quick knit even for me. I finished it in a few days. It's part of the Malabrigo madness KAL. I know what you are thinking. Spring is in only 8 days away. Why am I still making hats and neck warmers? Believe it or not it still can get quite chilly here. Not to mention these projects are fast and fun to do!

This is a close up of the stitch pattern. Pretty cool right?

Unfortunelly I am not a hat person. Don't get me wrong I love hats! I just don't seem to ever look good in them. Maybe my face has the wrong shape? I don't know what the reason, I just can't wear hats. That's why I'm so thrilled about this pattern.

This is probably one of the best pictures of me with a hat on ever! Wow , I am amazed. I wore my hat to the gym to (get killed) work out with Jamie. Then came home and did all of my outside chores wearing my sassy hat. As I'm sitting here typing I still have on my little cutie! Don't you want to make one?
Now, what can I start on next?


Wool Winder said...

I never thought hats looked good on me either until I started knitting my own. This one suits you well. The fit and color are perfect for you. Love it!

DebbieKnitter said...

OMG so so soooo cute!! You look GREAT in hats.....this one REALLY looks great on you. I look terrible in hats, makes my head look freakishly small LOL

Lisa Boyer said...

I love that you model your stuff! It's so much fun to see knitted items in use--worn proudly by their creator. And I think you really do look good in that hat. Perhaps because it's not too head-hugging? I look terrible in tight hats because I have a small head--but add some bulk and they are okay. LOVE the Malabrigo! Where do I get me some of that????

Marsha said...

Your eyes look so vivid blue with the color of your nicely knitted hat. Lovely job!

KSee said...

Love it!

quiltyknitwit said...

I like your hat! Usually I look best when wearing a hat with a rolled brim.