Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Swap and more!

This is the final pincushion I chose to sew for my swap partner. She told me she loves bright primary colors. She also has a passion for things more contemporary. That was the perfect excuse to do some fabric shopping. I, of course, don't have anything in my huge fabric stash that would work. I will have to admit that this swap really tested my creativity. It was the first swap, the first pincushion and the first contemporary item I have ever made.

I also added one more to her swap. This is the original pincushion I tested out. My partner mentioned that she likes flowers so I fussy cut out the fabric to show off the flower. I added a few more items. Things I Learned From Knitting (Whether I Wanted To or Not) by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, I haven't read the book yet but I'm sure it's another great read from the "Harlot".

This is the swap I received from MissLove. The pincushion is a mini felted one. It's so cute. She was also so sweet and added some fabric to the package.

I have been working on my Wicked sweater. It's really coming along. Right now I am decreasing for the waist. I'm in love with the color. Not so much with the yarn. I have found huge yarn knots in each skein so far.

I love watching Food Network. Last week we were watching Diners Drive In's and Dives. It's really a fun show about all types of local restaurants all over the country. Last week the show featured The Frosted Mug Drive In. The Drive In is located about 2 hours from where we live. The Frosted Mug makes their own Root Beer and Italian Beef and so on. My mouth was watering. I showed DH and his mouth started to water. We decided to take a mini road trip on Sunday. I checked the Food Network website and got the link for the Drive In. I clicked on the web site for The Frosted Mug to get the address and directions. We had a wonderful Sunday cruise. The day started out a little chilly. It even rained about 25 drops. We didn't care. We were going for homemade Root Beer and Italian Beef's!! WooHoo!! We took the scenic tour through Chicago. All I can say is I was really getting hungry! Finally we were getting close. I packed away my knitting so I would have plenty of room for eating yummy delicious food. We say the sign off in the distance........It looked kind of strange. Not one car in the parking lot. As a matter of fact I don't think a car has driven on this lot for months!

We were laughing so hard! Can you believe it? This place has been closed for months! This makes for a great story. I guess you can say the old saying still holds true.....Phone First!!!!


Renna said...

I am really impressed that you and your hubby laughed about it. I'm afraid my hubby and I would still be whining with disappointment. ;-Þ

The pin cushions you made are fantastic! I also love the little whimsical one you received.

Debbie said...

Awwww...Man! I hope you found some root beer somewhere! Even if it wasn't home made :-) Sounds like you had a great road trip anyways....

Those are really neato pin cushions..and I really love the fabric your swap partner sent you. Oh, and I've been wondering about the new Yarn Harlot new books or stuff till after the move!


Anonymous said...

Your pin cushions are to dye for!! Love the colors and love the square one. Who knew pin cushions could be so fun to look at? :-)

Wool Winder said...

I know your swap partner will love her pin cushions. They're fabulous!

Too bad about the Frosted Mug. It did give you a funny story for the blog though.

Jennifer said...

Cool pin cushions. I know she'll love them.
And oh my, I can't believe it was closed. I do hope you found some place to eat between there and home.

Quiltersal said...

Love, love, LOVE the pincushions! Just charming! I hope you got some root beer somewhere - I hate getting all revved for something and finding out I can't have it! The new Yarn Harlot book is yummy! I work in a library so we get a lot of the books before they come out - one of the perks is getting to read them before they are catalogued.

Grace Yaskovic said...

I just adore your pin cushions, all of your photos are fantastic. I have been waiting for the episode of D D & D with the Jefferson Diner her in NJ In it, but I keep missing it!

Natural Born Knitter said...

I have tagged you over on my blog for 5 Things Meme if you want to play. from Cosmicsnail

Jenny Girl said...

Your pin cushion is so cute. I like it. The colors are outstanding.

Sorry to hear about the yarn issues with wicked. It looks good so far. Just be patient when you come across a knot.

I also watched the Food Network last weekend, and my mouth was watering over the cheeseburger edition.

P.S. I tagged you for meme.
Have a great day!