Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gifts for Baby

My hands have been busy working on gifts for babies this past few weeks. In a perfect world I would make baby quilts for each newborn. I have come to the realization that I can't make a quilt for each new baby. Now I make receiving blankets for each new child. Here's my process:

All blankets are made from 1 yard of pretty flannel fabric. I serge the edges and then fold under the edge and press with an iron. After searching all of the stitches that came with my sewing machine I pick up a complementary stitch pattern. I get comfortable and start sewing. The stitch patterns take a bit of time so be patient. After the pattern is complete I finish off the hem with a simple straight stitch.

Since my machine can embroider I stitch on the last name initial monogram. I have been making these blankets for several years. They are always well received.

It's been bitter cold in my area for the last two weeks. In this kind of weather you must wear a hat. I wanted to make a few hats to keep the new babies toasty warm. I did a ravelry search and found this simple pattern from Major Knitter. It's a great easy pattern. I knitted almost the entire hat while watching the super bowl. The yarn is from the Bernat cotton tot line. The colorway is wonder dreams. Size US7 needles. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I am planning to make another solid blue hat too. Thank you Jennifer for the great pattern!

I also cast on for these cute booties. Christine's stay on booties have been knit by many a knitter. Click here for the pattern. By the way it's a great story too. Since I have never knit socks I am having some trouble with this project. Size 1 needles are my first issue. How do you use toothpicks to knit?!!! I don't know, maybe this will get better as I go. For now the going is slow.


Renna said...

You are so wonderfully creative. The baby blankets are precious!

I love that little hat pattern of Jennifer's, too. I think it was one of the first baby hat patterns I knit. For that matter, I think the first things I ever knit were from the free pattern page at Major Knitter's blog!

I haven't knit that specific bootie pattern yet, but I have one that is almost identical to it that I got from a yarn shop a few years ago. It was a real trick getting used to those teeny little needles, for sure. You want to keep the work very far from your face at all times! ;-Þ

Jennifer said...

I love your receiving blankets! Beautiful! Good luck on the booties. I've made them before and really liked them. I've got some baby knitting of my own to get to before the "season" hits. :)

WhiteStone said...

I like the idea of the cotton receiving blankets! They are useful in so many ways. And the hat pattern, too!

Tea said...

Your receiving blankets are just adorable! Such a great gift giving idea!

I'll have to check out the patterns at Major Knitter's site. Thanks for the link. :)

Suzy Girl said...

Receiving blankets make great gifts and your idea to monogram them make them really special! I like that idea but my days of sewing are over. I recently gave my 30 year old Singer away on one of those 'recycle' sites.
I love the little hat and yes, the size 1's will get to feel more natural.

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for posting how you do the receiving blankets. I asked somebody one time how they did it and she looked at me like it was such a silly question since they are so easy - never did get an answer! Sure they're easy - if you know how to do it. ;)

And add me to the list that says - size 1's do indeed get easier.

Wool Winder said...

Receiving blankets were the gifts I used the most for my babies and the handmade ones were my favorite. I love the ones you made! Cute hat, too. And, you will get used to size 1 needles eventually. But, it may take longer than one pair of booties.

Debbie said...

The blankets are beautiful! What a wonderful gift!

I know what you mean about knitting with toothpicks. I got used to it eventually when I was knitting those purple socks....and when I picked up "normal needles" it felt like I was knitting with ski poles :-)

Jenny Girl said...

These are so cute and very practical too. People will always think of you when they use them.

Size 1s are not easy. I only use size 2s and adjust if neccessary. I figure antyhing smaller than that is ridiculous :)

It should egt easier. The hradest part is CO and the first row.

Debra said...

Beautiful work-I love the blankets. I could almost feel how soft they are.
I'm having a hard time with the YO's in the Brioche stitch. I was never good at them-figuring out what to do with the extra loop on the next row....well, I think I've made up a few new stitch patterns trying to follow yours! You would have laughed! But I am determined, and I WILL get it. I took out a pile of library books to help!

Juri said...

I just love the baby blankets...
and the hat is just adorable! You are so talented! Remember to post a picture of the booties once you get those finished!


Liz said...

Your blankets are great - much prettier than mine.

Grace said...

You won my contest please send me your address so I can ship the shawl to you
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PS The baby blankets are beautiful

Anonymous said...

Receiving Blankets that are "Always well received." Cute ;-) The fabric is really nice and what a quick useful present!