Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

It's such a joy to see a pretty flower among the brown colors of early spring. I have these tiny Iris's growing in my perennial bed. They are the very first to greet the change in season. The iris's only stand 5" tall. The sight of them reminds me of all the colors to come. I am so grateful that winter is over.

I love the sound of spring also. This morning the birds woke me up with their beautiful singing. Such lovely sounds. The robin's arrived a few weeks ago.

I am amazed at the Lord's creation. New life springs forth!

How about a little knitting? I have been working on a really unique and pretty scarf.
Just Enough Ruffles is the pattern. I was able to finish it in time for our trip last week down south. I used a Malabrigo yarn in worsted weight. The color is pollen. The colorway looks like spring to me.

I love how soft it is. I am calling it my butter ruffle. I cast it off too tight so I didn't get all the ruffling I wanted. I still love it. I also learned a new short row technique.

Here is a goofy shot of me and my butter ruffle in Nashville. I sure needed the extra warmth that day. It was 40 degrees and raining!

I want to try the pattern again and get the ruffle right. This is Malabrigo worsted in Floral colorway. It is just gorgeous! This screams spring to me.

The garter stitch border is finished. The next step is the short rows. What do you think? I've got lot's more to share with you. I have lots of finished knitting and even some quilting to show off. Thank you for reading. Thank you for your comments. What are you working on?


Mim said...

Barb, what great pics of spring! Love the scarf and the yarn. Have you tried EZ's stretchy bind off. I use it for socks and such and love it! Hey, didn't you say you were going to send me some seeds?

WhiteStone said...

Welcome Back! Love your spring photos and your knit projects. I'm currently knitting a cotton chemo cap. For me. Grimace.

Tea said...

Happy Springtime, Beverly!

Your irises look like our Blue Flags that grow wild in the mountains. Your picture is better than the one in my book..very pretty.

I love the scarf! The new one will be gorgeous in those colors..too pretty. I have to make one of those someday.

Grace said...

my first Malabrigo ever came from you, and I have been in love every since!!! Happy Spring

Quiltersal said...

Oh, my! What lovely pictures. We've got some tiny daffy's coming up at the entrance to our property. And our peach tree is in bloom.

Your scarf looks lovely! I've not tried Malabrigo yet...must put that on my list.

Welcome back from vacation.

Renna said...

Oh, Barb, I love that scarf! It looks lovely on you, and that picture isn't at all goofy! ;-)

Both of those yarns do, as you said, scream "Srping!". I have yet to ever see (other than in pictures) or touch Malabrigo. The only LYS I have access to, a couple hours away, acted as if they'd not even heard of it. Not that I could likely have afforded it, but I was at least hoping to 'pet' it! ;-Þ

I love your pictures. Spring is magical anywhere, but I think even more so in a rural area. I've never seen those tiny Iris's before. They're darling! Mine, regular sized, have yet to start budding.

Wool Winder said...

Pretty! I've been wanting to try that scarf. Have you considered redoing the bind-off? I know it would be a lot of work, but if you have enough yarn, it would be worth it. I find it helpful to use a needle one or two sizes larger for binding off.

Liz said...

Love the flowers. We don't have any yet... I love seeing your knitting projects since I can't knit. All I can do is deliver my mom's needles to her in Egypt...

Debbie said...

Hi Barb!
I've missed you my friend :-)
Beautiful pictures and knitting. I'm still working on hopeful baby knits... still hoping :-)
I've got to hurry up and decide what to knit for my new niece who will arrive sometime in July!

Juri said...

You know I love your spring pictures! You mention lilacs on my blog...I am so jealous, as we cannot grow them here in Florida, but I had the most beautiful lilac bush in NJ....sigh!!! Love the the butter scarf...and the new one, how pretty!!!


Jenny Girl said...

That flower is gorgeoud and exactly what I needed to see today. That is a great picture of you! Yellow is a good color for you.

susan said...

both colors are yummy and so springlike. i found myself buying yarn in a quilt shop!!! another addiction and i am really loving it. i just posted my shibori scarf. knitted the piece for a bag, wednesday in class we do the thing to made the hole for the button and then we felt it and make some cord too. already have my next project planned, an afgan that is NOT pieced but all the squares are connected as you knit...really neat with five colors. little max will love it. of course i will make out of alpaca so it will b exta soft for him. :-)

Suzy Girl said...

I really look forward to the sights and sounds of spring after the cold dreary winter too. This one seemed exceptionally long but my daffodils are getting ready to burst open. So Happy Spring!
Love your Malabrigo scarves! Those colorways are both so pretty. The butter yellow looks great on you. Hope you had a nice time in Nashville.

Debra said...

Lovely knitting-that butter yellow is wonderful.
I'm still looking at my tote with my beautiful yarn-just waiting for me to have the time to start knitting!
Love, Debra

Susan said...

I love to see the Spring flowers
finally get here!

elizabeth said...

I've added that pattern to my Ravelry so I don't forget it as I sometimes do.

And I *love* Malabrigo of any sort, but that Floral is breathtaking.

LeAnn said...

I work in Nashville. I was browsing thru these pics and thought "Wait a minute! That's the little bar on 5th and Broadway!" Hope you enjoyed my adopted home during your visit (Nashville, not the bar)