Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's Going On?

I was so surprised to notice how long it's been since I have written a blog post. Time seems to go by so quickly. So, what have I been up to? Actually lots of stuff. Today I wanted to share this cute little baby ruffled hat. The pattern is called Lilly and you can find it here.

The yarn is Bernat Cotton Tots colorway wonder dreams. I used size 9 needles. It's a fairly fast knit. Perfect for a little baby girl. I have finished a few other items this past month. I'll blog about those later. Lately my mind is not on knitting.

It's spring and my mind has been on gardening! Look what's growing in the basement. Yup, I've got lots of tomatoes and a few mini pepper plants growing.

I also started herb plants. I've got basil, sage, dill and thyme ready to transplant into larger pots.

Lat Thursday I spent most of my day playing in the dirt. It was wonderful to get my hands in the warm dirt. My mind swirled with grand gardening idea's! I bought a few plants at Home Depot.

Here are a few of the items that have been planted: Bok Choy which tastes great stir fried. Several broccoli plants, red romaine lettuce plants. By accident I purchased some iceberg lettuce plants. Those plants should be interesting. I planted radish seeds and all kinds of greens including my favorite, arugula. Yum!

This morning I checked the progress of the garden and look what I saw. You have to look closely. Yes, the greens are growing! Now if it would only stop raining and dry out a bit. I have lots more to plant.


WhiteStone said...

Nice setup in the basement! I've never tried bokchoy. And I've planted some basil seeds but I betcha I'll have to buy some plants as I don't see anything poking through the surface of the ground yet!

Wool Winder said...

What a sweet hat! I can tell you've been having fun playing in the dirt. I hope you have great success with your garden this year.

Quiltersal said...

Love that hat! Garden is beautiful, or will be once you get some more upshoots.

Rainy here, too. We need it and we hate's a conundrum!

Grace said...

great hat.l0ve that you can garden!

Tea said...

I love that little rufflely hat! I need something for a baby girl soon, so I may just knit one of those. Thanks for the link.

Oh, how your garden grows! It's looking great. I love herbs in the garden. I planted tomatoes, jalapeƱos and banana peppers today and hilled 4 rows of potatoes. I'm pooped, but tickled senseless to be digging in the dirt.:)

My sweet potatoes that you asked about. When the leafy sprouts are about 5 inches long you twist them off the potato and root them in sand, then transfer them to the garden after the nights are no cooler than 60 degrees F.

elizabeth said...

That is about the cutest hat ever!

And like you, I've been outside more than in now that we have the beautiful, but wet (!), springtime weather. The only thing I've planted so far is tomatoes, but that's ok. :)

Liz said...

I have serious garden envy - even if it is still in your basement. We've still got another month till the risk of frost is over.

Debbie said...

Oh the garden! I'm so excited for another operation is considerably smaller than yours ;-)

Renna said...

You are going to be eatin' good in the neighborhood this summer! You're a hard worker, Barbara, and always have lots to show for your time.

I love the Lilly hat. I have knit that pattern using a solid colored yarn. I really like it in the cotton tots. I have some of that on hand. I may use it to knit another Lilly.

Anonymous said...

I like the hat, and your future garden's looking great.