Friday, September 4, 2009

Marching On Baby

My very first sock is taking shape. I can't believe that I waited so long to jump into sock knitting. So far I am finding the process fairly simple. The pattern is from the book Getting Started Knitting Socks by Ann Budd. The leg of the sock is a simple knit 3, purl 1 rib. I have knitted away with no problems. Or so I thought!

The issue is me! I was so excited to get to the point where I could try on the sock. I had been anticipating that moment for several days. Finally I tried on the sock......It's a little big. It's not huge. It doesn't fit snug. I looked back at the pattern. Hmm, what did I do wrong? I read the first paragraph where it talks about size. I just skimmed through that part you see. I knitted the wrong size! When I saw the number 8 and I assumed it meant shoe size.

My thought about the second sock is to knit the correct size. I can't imagine frogging this entire project. It's just a little big, right? What would you do? I have learned yet another great lesson. Read your pattern carefully from start to finish! lol! It makes for a funny story. I will surely always remember my very first adventure into sock knitting.

Have a great weekend!


Mim said...

Oh, Oh, Oh, you are almost to the toe!! It's beautiful! Way to go!

Wool Winder said...

My first "pair" of socks consisted of three socks. The first one just wasn't right--too many mistakes, didn't fit right, etc. I didn't rip it out, but kept it. Then I knit a real pair. Good thing I had plenty of yarn.

I'm not sure what you should do. Would you feel comfortable wearing a pair of socks in two different sizes? Maybe you should knit the next one the same size and give them away to someone with bigger feet.

Quiltersal said...

Well, the two socks would end up being and looking different in size. Can you live with that? Or will it make you crazy to have 2 different looking socks? It would make me nuts! If you won't mind, then I say just finish the current sock as-is and knit the second one to the pattern. If not, then you should frog it and start over. Me, personally, I'd use this as a learning process and rip it back and make the pair the way they should be done. I'm just sayin'.

stitching under oaks said...

bummer man...that's been my probable with sock knitting too. maybe they could be a Christmas gift...then you'd be ahead of the game. Got anyone on your list who likes handknit socks? it looks great, so I'm sure the recipient would love them.

Jenny Girl said...

I just emailed you back with all my suggestions.
I must say, my first socks ended up being bigger than I wanted, and I don't wear them too often. I'll never get rid of them, but I just don't wear them as much. More like house socks because they are a bit roomy ;)

Liz said...

Very impressive.

I say make them both the same size. I think they will feel weird if they are different.

Suzy Girl said...

It looks great! I love the color. I'm no stranger to frogging but I'd hate to see you rip out all that work. I think I would just continue, make the other one to match and consider them my 'house' socks for keeping warm this winter.
For your next pair you can be sure to knit them to fit better for wearing with shoes.

Tea said...

Congrats on takin' the sock plunge! I can so relate to your li'l mistake..giggles.I've only ever made three pairs in me life so I'll refrain from advisin' on this one.
I do love that beautiful yarn!

Debbie said...

Barb they're beautiful...I would personally just knit the second one the same way :-) and then if you want cozy warm socks you could wear them over some other pair...(maybe they would wear out slower too)

Just because I couldn't bare to rip it all out..


Jennifer said...

Knit the second one. Try them both on and feel good! Then rip the first one and re do it. It's just socks and they knit up so quickly that you'll be to the heel turn before you can feel too bad about the rip. :)

Love them and your dye job.

Julia said...

Reading the pattern carefully is definitely a thing...and doing it perfectly gives immense joy.Your socks has come out successful I say.