Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just Peachy

I spent part of my morning making peach jam. I am so thrilled that the peaches came from my very own peach trees. I planted them in 2004. This is the first year I have gotten a harvest. My peaches are so darn sweet and juicy! I had to compete with all kinds of insects to see who would get the most of the harvest! I was able to can 6 jars.

My very favorite way to use this scrumptious jam is in a PB & J sandwich. There is something so utterly delicious and tasty about peaches and peanut butter. When I think about taste I am reminded of a scripture that means so much to me.
Psalms {34:8} O taste and see that the Lord is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him! God is so good!

I was also able to make my much anticipated peach custard. A whopping 4 quarts of golden goodness!

The custard was really good. It was a standard custard recipe. It did have a few ingredients I would never of thought of, like ginger. The only change I would make to the recipe would be to leave out the ginger. I am not a ginger fan. I should know better that to follow the recipe to a T.

Yesterday I spent a lot of my day off knitting on my Wicked sweater. I had an idea to follow the measurements of on of my favorite ragland sweaters I bought a few years ago at Talbots. I love how this sweater fits me. It kind of hides my middle section which is a good thing! Maybe it's the 3 1/2" ribbing on the bottom? I turned the sweater inside out and did some measuring. I proceeded to use the waist measurements and to knit the ribbing just like the bottom of the Talbots sweater.

I was hoping to show it to you today finished. I had great plans. I was a head of schedule. Things were looking well. I cast off the sweater after all of those K2,P2 ribbing rounds. I couldn't wait to try it on. I slipped it over my head. I ran up the stairs to the full length mirror in the bathroom. Agh! No good. I looked like I tried to stuff myself into a stovepipe. I also noticed that I cast off a tad too tight. Maybe I could pull it off. After pondering for a few minutes I knew if I left the sweater as is I would never wear it. I needed a few increases for my hips. Mind you my hips aren't huge. I think it would look more pleasing to my eye if the sweater was a bit more A-line shaped. My decision was to rip out the entire ribbing. Ripping is not an easy task. You look at all of your work and fight with your mind to make your fingers unleash all of your time consuming stitches. Oh well. I have gotten pretty good at ripping! Today I will keep chugging along on increasing. Then I will try it on again to see how it fits. I will finish this sweater!!!
Thanks so much for stopping by today. I always enjoy reading all of your comments. Until tomorrow....God Bless you!


Quiltersal said...

Oh, Barb! I'm so sorry to hear about your need to frog. That thought always gives me pause. Hopefully, you will be able to get it done and then knit the alterations so you can wear it soon...I'm so jealous!

Jennifer said...

So many good things to comment on. Peach jam and custard! You live too far away from me. I've been wanted to learn to can.

And the frogging will soon be a thing of the past and you'll look wonderful in the sweater. After seeing the Yarn Harlot frog almost a whole sweater I find it is easier to frog. :)

whitestone said...

The jam looked delicious! Then I scrolled down to the Custard! Oh, My! I'm totally jealous! LOL. Good luck on the sweater...patience will win in the end.

Renna said...

The jam and custard look so delicious, I'm practically drooling on my keyboard, Barbara!

That is so neat that you made it all from your very own home-grown peaches! :-)

Grace said...

20 years ago we lived on property and had apple peach and plum trees, the jam I used to make was so good, you sent me down memory lane tonight!

Joyfulsister said...

Whoa Sistah!!
Okay you got my mouth drooling looking at that peach jam PB sandwich lol. I was teasing my hubby and showing him the photos. He is peach cobbler fanatic and does not have his Mama around to make it for him anymore.I don't bake or do desserts so now he has to wait till my girlfriends bake for us lol. I never had peach custard sounds peachy!! lol okay just had to say that. You are one talented woman. Thanks for sharing and I love the color of that sweater.
Hugz Lorie

Debbie said...

Keep on knitting keep on knitting :-) I have a sweater that I knit the front of three times... it' was the first nice sweater I knit, and I just couldn't get at first... I was glad I ripped... :-)

It's so much easier for me to rip things out's like liberating! :-)

Tea said...

Oh, isn't it the best feeling to put up your own fruit jams! Those look just wonderful! I made peach butter several years ago by the Ball Blue Book, and it was very good. Nothing like it on a hot biscuit. That sandwich looks very tasty. I've never had peach custard, but cobbler..oh, it's so good.

The sweat looks really good; I think you'll be ever so glad to have redone the bottom once you're wearing it around.

Tea said...

I can't wait to see your sweater all finished! I'm so embarrassed as I can spell sweater but didn't spell it right in my earlier comment! Please forgive the poor typing today.

Have a wonderful week!!

Jenny Girl said...

I have never tried peach jam, but I am sure it's delicious. I love peaches.
Sorry to hear about the disappointments with wicked. Step away for a while and come back. It will come together. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Always a pleasure to read.

susan said...

the jam looks lucsious and what is that...a ice cream maker or what? the sweater looks good. i wonder if anyone up here teachers remedial knitting...i'd love to learn, lord knows i could use the warm goodies i could eventually learn to make...ha!

Susan said...

what pretty jars of jam! they are so attractive displayed like that! good job! what variety of peach tree did you plant?

Wool Winder said...

My favorite thing to do with fresh peaches is to bake a cobbler. The jam looks yummy!

Debra said...

Hello, I'm enjoying your photos, and so jealous of your peaches. Varmints got ours before they were even ripe.
Your knitting is inspiring me to get going again-too much yarn around and too much to do!!
It was fun to visit you!
Love, Debra

Juri said...

Wow, I now have such a hankering for some peach jam!!! Loved your post and pictures!!! I nearly cried when I saw you had to pull all those beautiful stitches out!!!


Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

I'm just drooling over that jam and custard!!!!! Wish we could have peach trees here in Florida!!! I think I'd have an orchard full!!!!!

The sweater will be beautiful. The color is just gorgeous. Be sure to post a picture when it's done!


Anonymous said...

My mouth's watering after reading your posts. I have some fresh Red Delicious apples from the tree in my backyard - if we were neighbors we could do a produce swap!