Friday, September 26, 2008

The Reveal

I am thrilled to announce that my very first sweater is finished and wearable.

Here are the details:

Pattern: Wicked by Zephyr Girls.

Yarn used: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece colorway coral. I purchased 5 skeins. I used 4 skeins and a 1/4 of the fifth skein. I had massive knots and yarn barf in one of the skeins that couldn't be undone. I'm sure if I didn't have that problem i would've used four skeins. The feel of the fiber is perfect.

Needle size 7.

The neckline is so pretty. It is the only part on my sweater that is a touch too big.

I knitted the sleeves mid length. Kntting them at this size gives me more options. I can wear the sweater alone or with a shirt underneath.

I started knitting this sweater in early May. I got bored with my project and set it down for about 6 weeks. I'm glad that I blogged about this sweater. You all inspired me to get back to it and finish it. Thanks so much for getting me back on track.
We are going out of town for a wedding. I am wearing it for some of the festivities. Hooray!


Jennifer said...

Yea! I love it. I can also see why it would get boring, that's a lot of st stitch, but the cable details of the ribbing is cool. It looks great on you and I bet you'll get a lot of wear out of it. AND you finished it ontime! Gotta love a self imposed deadline. Have fun this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Nice sweater! The color looks so good with your complexion too. The tomato sauce looks fantastic and I think I will give it a try next year. Just looks too easy to pass up. :-)

Debbie said...

Yeah! It looks great! So nice on you! I bet you'll wear it often!


Quiltersal said...

Stunning! I simply MUST get that pattern! Good job, Barb.

whitestone said...

Nicely done! Finishing up a project is gratifying in itself...having it turn out as nice as this is icing on the cake! Congrats!!!!

Debra said...

You are perfectly lovely, and this sweater looks gorgeous on you. That's your FIRST sweater?! Mine was pretty awful-if I remember back that far, but I think I've finally gotten the hang of it!
Love, Debra

Eve said...

Enjoy your beautiful coral sweater. And if I helped guilt you into finishing it, my job is done. LOL

susan said...

it looks just maaaaa va lus! way to go girl...another none bites the dust. and it looks good on you too! have a great weekend and the sauce looks good too!

Jennifer said...

It's lovely! I think that's a sweater that you could live in and wear everywhere. It looks great. Have fun.

Jenny Girl said...

OMG! Beautiful! absolutely beautiful! it looks great on you too. You did a wonderful job B!
Yea! Yahoo.

Renna said...

It's beautiful, Barbara, and you look lovely in it. Imagine how neat it will feel to be able to tell someone commenting on it that you made it!

Yarn barf, hah! I've experienced it, but not heard it called that. ;-Þ

Wool Winder said...

I'm really excited about your first sweater! It turned out great! I like the sleeve length on you and as you say, it will look great worn over a shirt.

Sorry it took me so long to find this post. I'm reading from my blog list now and sometimes the updates get way down in the list and I miss them.

Tea said...

Oh, your sweater is just gorgeous! Good for you, that's a wonderful accomplishment. And the yarn is so pretty. Yarn barf? Yes, you pegged it well. *snickers*

Mariss said...

It looks fantastic, great job! I need to make that as well. Could you weave a bit of elastic (very thin) through the inside of the neckline? Perhaps that could help keep it up more. I did it on my legwarmers, and it worked like a dream :) Oh, and happy blogiversary!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

I keep seeing your pic and comments at Sparrowgrass and thought I'd pop in and say hi!
OHMIGOSH... LOVE your sweater.... !
THEN, I saw your saucy tomato sauce! Then read about your frost?... and how it bit your zuchini and everything... how SAD! Well... I know it will hit our area by next month some time but I don't have all those veggies anymore. Bet it broke your heart!
Well, just wanted to say hi, and nice to meet you! Love your pretty sweater you made!