Saturday, October 4, 2008

Say it isn't so

Last night I was contently knitting away on my fingerless gloves Fetching. I knitted until about 11:00 pm. We didn't watch any t.v. or have the radio on. We were listening to an old cassette tape. O.K. now I'm showing my age! Anyway I didn't hear the weather report. I had now idea that it would get so cold last night!

Say it isn't so!
The frost hit my beautiful garden last night. I awoke to frost on the lawn and on my windshield. I was praying that my garden was spared. My pumpkin vines are dead. So is the watermelon and zucchini. The morning glories are finished too. This has been my best gardening year ever. I don't want it to end.

On Wednesday I spent the entire afternoon deadheading flowers and doing a bit of weeding. I took this shot of the garden on Wednesday.

I did some tilling. My DH surprised me with this little tiller last month. I use it every chance I get. I love turning up the soil and making it all pretty. I get so lost out in the garden. It's a good lost.

I harvested some of my beets. Yum! Yes, I'm one of those strange people that loves beets.

I picked some yellow peppers. This is the very first year that my peppers turned yellow before the frost hit.

I picked some red ones too. I stir fried the peppers and some zucchini and garlic that night for my side dish. I also added a nice handful of lemon basil. My basil plants were huge.

The basil got hit by the frost too. I cut off half of the plant to try and save it. Can you see the dark basil leaves in the front of the picture. Ugh! I thought I have at least another week of harvesting. I didn't make my pesto yet! I am praying that my basil will continue to grow.

Tonight my garden sleeps under warm blankets.

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Jennifer said...

I feel your pain! Although we haven't had frost yet. If it hit tonight I would not be prepared. You're garden is/was lovely though. I can tell you work hard at it.

I like your fetching mitts. I have a pair that live at the office.

Debra said...

Oh do have a beautiful garden-or did...And those mitts are lovely.
The pictures make me want to go eat some peppers.
We didn't get 'bit' yet, but it's only because of the lake.
So sorry for your black basil.
Love, Debra
You do knit very well!!!

Jennifer said...

Ouch! Look at all that hard work. Mmmmm. I love beets, too. I hope you get a few more weeks out of your harvest.

Wool Winder said...

Sorry about the garden. Good thing you're almost finished with Fetching though. The weather looks like it's turning quickly and you'll be needing to wear them soon.

Quiltersal said...

Oh, my, Barb! I'm so sorry for the loss. While I don't personally garden, my DH spends hours working outside and I know it would be so sad if all his efforts were ruined by a frost. And Nope, you aren't the only person who loves beets. Moi, too!!!
Love the Fetching...might need to try those out for myself.

BTW - I got the pattern for Wicked....and I've got the perfect yarn...I think that's going to be my winter project.

Tea said...

The mitts are looking good! I've never tried Fetching, but I sure need to knit some up.

Oh, I'm so sorry about the garden. I've been caught there before, and it is very disappointing. The peppers looked wonderful. We love beets, too. Goodman loves them just cooked, and I love pickled beets. Yum.

susan said...

we had two nights of frost...mark kept putting off harvesting his hot peppers and the plants are goners now. i had him bring two of my 5 gal planters in the house and i brought in a basket of petunias last week. it seems to rain often now, the rain here is so cold, on kauai it was a warm'd get soaked but not freeze to death. mark hates this time of year, he rather it just snow. snow is so much cleaner than rain is way of thinking. the snow will come soon enough. we want to get one of those little tillers...what kind did you get?

Debbie said...

Oh no! I feel your pain Barb!

We've got frost here too! Although, my garden was already nasty so I didn't really lose anything edible :-) I haven't pulled everything and put it to bed for winter yet though.

I love your fingerless gloves! I just bought some wool to make a pair...but I don't like the pattern that came with it (just ribbing..I don't enjoy ribbing) so I'm looking for something a little more're look great!

whitestone said...

Hi, CinnamonGirl.We're at least ten days away from home yet, and I'm hoping we won't have frost till after we get back. I want to pick some of the green tomatoes and let them ripen indoors. I'm envious of your larger garden! Don't you just love walking back to the house with a dishpan full of beautiful produce! Isn't it grand that God designed our stomachs to enjoy a huge array of food! What if he only allowed us to eat beans? Wouldn't dinnertime be boring! LOL

Jenny Girl said...

Sorry to hear about your frost issues. I hope you can save a lot of your produce and such.
I still listen to cassette tapes too. My hubby thinks I'm crazy, but those tapes have some really good music on them, that you just can't find anymore.

Elizabeth - Scrappygolden said...

I love the fetchings and have made them for my daughter. Glad to see yours as now maybe I'll make some for my daughter-in-law for Christmas!

Such a shame for your garden, but how joyful to have such a bountiful harvest! I was just telling my husband last night that next year for sure I'm going to have a garden, even if I just start with tomatoes. Nothing beats that homegrown taste!

CarpeDyem said...

You don't have to be strange to like beetroot! I love them! have you tried dry roasting them with Feta and new potatoes?! Yum Yum!