Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Second Harvest

It's harvest season in my area. The farmers are out all day and most of the night reaping this years crop. The colors in the fields are amazing. It reminds me of spun gold. I love this time of year. The sound of the combines harvesting across the countryside is so comforting to me. I relax when I hear the hum of the engines.

I'm hoping for a second harvest of my own. I planted some more lettuce and radishes a few weeks ago. I'm planning on baby greens for a Thanksgiving Day salad. Sounds good right? I know what you are thinking because I'm thinking it myself. I'm crazy, nuts, unrealistic so on and so forth. That may be too much to expect. Usually my garden has been put to bed by now. I can't seem to let this gardening year go. I purchased a 60"x50' roll of garden row cover. It should keep plants safe to 24 degrees. Maybe, just maybe I can make this work.

Last night it got down to 28 degrees. Brrrr. I uncovered my tiny little plants carefully. Looks like the garden quilt works. The lettuce is safe and sound.

On the knitting front I started another fingerless glove project. I picked out a very simple pattern to show off this colorful yarn. This is the first time I have knitted with Boku by Plymouth yarns. Hopefully it will soften more when I block it. I'll blog more about it next time. Hopefully I will be finished by then.
On a personal note thank you for all the well wishes for new new position. This is my first week with my new employer. So far so good. I fell very blessed.


Quiltersal said...

Oh, my goodness, those pictures are purty! We had our first frost on Monday posting pictures of the frosted tomatoe plants on my own blog, hopefully today.

Was hoping to hear about the progress on the new glad it's going well.

Wool Winder said...

With a little babying you might get your wish for a second harvest.

Love the colors of the yarn.

Debbie said...

Glad the new job is going well!

We woke up to about 4 inches of snow this morning!

Jennifer said...

Keep us posted on how your winter garden grows! So far so good. I was thinking the other day that I could plant some salad fixings in my raised beds and cover them with some old windows I have. I quickly realized that it wouldn't do so well because I'd rather be inside than out when it gets cold and the garden would quickly get neglected.

Renna said...

Ooh, I hope your little salad garden can withstand the cold until Thanksgiving. What a treat that will be on the table! :-)

That yarn is gorgeous. I'll be curious to hear later reports about whether it does soften.

I always love your pictures.

Tea said...

It sure is a wonderful time of year, and I hope your salad dreams for Thanksgiving come true.:)

I've never used a row cover, but I can see how it would be beneficial.
Good thinkin'.

Oh, that new yarn is so pretty! I love the colors! Can't wait to see the finished mitts.

tina said...

I love the very thought of a garden quilt, as well as the thought of greens for Thanksgiving! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

I'm also planning some simple fingerless gloves so I'm watching your progress!!

Stay warm!

susan said...

good luck with the new plants, hope the plastic does all it says it will. the snow is almost gone from earlier this week. i finally made some suet tonight so i will refill the two feeders i have tomarrow a.m. the birds have been scolding me...

whitestone said...

You are a busy gal! Gardening, new job, knitting, and I'll bet a lot more. I'll be watching your salad AND your knitting to see how the fingerless gloves turn out.

Liz said...

Beautiful photo of that field. I can almost smell it. Good luck with the lettuce!

Debra said...

Hello! Hello!

I love that photo of the corn field. The stalks look more russet than ours, which are a pretty tan color.
And boy do I love your pumpkins!

I am very interested to know how your lettuce project will turn out. Keep us posted about that!
So glad the job is going well...
Love, Debra

PS I really like those new mitts-love the color too. I'm itching to get my needles going!

Jenny Girl said...

The golden yellow color of the fields are inspiring.
Keeping my fingers crossed for your garden. And glad the new job is well so far.
I like colors you chose for this pair of mitts.