Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just a bit of eye candy

I thought you might like to see a little bit of new eye candy today. This is Socks that rock by Blue Moon Fiber Arts. It's 100% superwash merino. The color is seastone. It feels nice and squishy! I think it will make a great pair of socks.
I really didn't do much of anything today. We got hit with a snow storm!! Yeah! This morning it was snowing just a bit so I put the horses out. Bo and Minnie were happy to get out of their stalls. Minnie took a nice snow bath and tried to get Bo to play.

But as soon as I brought out the hay all the play was forgotten.

I won't be hanging out any wash today!

We actually had to go out to help a family member this afternoon. I know...What were we thinking. The forecast for my area was for 10-20" of snow. Also 30-40 MPH winds. That means blizzard conditions. As we made our way through Woodstock I was relived to see a lot of the businesses were closed.

This is the Woodstock Square. The movie Groundhog day was shot here.

We got there at about 2:00. The roads were not plowed at all! We got stuck in the snow three different times. Just out of nowhere a few people showed up and helped to push us out! Thank God for good Samaritans!

Our house is one of 7 on our two mile long road. Needless to say just the drive down our road was an adventure. You could not see the road. The drifts were about 2.5 to 3' deep. All was fine until we pulled into the driveway. My DS had the snowplow truck stuck at the end of the drive. The engine on the plow broke! Ugh! He was trying to pull it out with another truck. Yup, that one got stuck too. Then my car got stuck!!! You just got to laugh! At the end of the driveway three vehicles stuck!

The weather man said that this storm was our worst since 1999. My DH plowed three times today. The snow was very wet and heavy. Then the temperature dropped and ice started to form. The wind kicked up out of the north and pounded sleet right into your face. So far the snow total is 14". You know what my warm weather loving DH said...."Dear, you love this weather!!!"

I also want to send out my prayers to anyone affected by today's tornado's. I hope and pray you and your families are all o.k.

P.S. When I check the forecast on my BB the next line states; check weather from Hawaii!!!! Talk about teasing!


Marsha said...

I sometimes miss having horses. Then I remember breaking water for them when it is -4F, ouch!! Your pictures are wonderful. I love the picture of where the movie was shot. We just missed the worst of the storm getting just about 2" of wet snow but about 2.5" of rain before it turned to snow. Lots of flooding here. The yarn looks delicious. It reminds me of the batiks I work with when I quilt. Yummy! Now back to sewing....:-)

Wool Winder said...

I'm cold just looking at those pictures. I really like the clothesline shot. Stay warm...if you can.

Lisa Boyer said...

Wow!!! That was so fun! A trip in the snow! Your town is gorgeous and your horse pictures are beautiful. I sort of "get" why you love snow--it's really very poetic and beautiful. Now if they could only work on that "cold" part...

DebbieKnitter said...

Boy oh boy would I give ANYTHING to live there right now. I ADORE snow and BOTH my kids adore horses. We actually live right behind stables and Mr. Mann takes horseback lessons (very beginner) and Miss Priss will be starting this summer. I used to live on a far when I was a little girl and I miss those times, its a peace that nobody knows unless they have been there ya know. Anyways, before I write a book LOL I ust love your photos, they are right out of a magazine!