Friday, February 22, 2008

Sweater News

Yesterday one my lunch hour I started putting my sleeves on waste yarn. The reason for that was to see how the Wicked sweater was fitting me. I have never put anything on waste yarn so I was a little nervous. What if I do it wrong and all of the stitches drop off? I really had no idea how to take them off so I just used a big sewing needle. It worked! After dinner I was ready to finally try it on. My first clue that something was wrong was not being able to put the sweater over both shoulders. UUMMM...So I ended up putting the whole body of the sweater on waste yarn. I was so excited. Finally, I thought this would be the magic moment in first time sweater knitting!

Nope! My sleeves are too small. Only about 2" too small! Also at that point the sweater should have covered my bust. Mine covered about 3/4 of my bust. I knitting the wrong size! Come on, laugh with me!! I knit a small when I thought I was knitting a medium! How funny is that? I have to laugh. I didn't realize that the first size was an extra small. Oh well, what can I do? I am going to rip back a row and put the sleeves back on and keep increasing. I think because it's a raglan sweater it could work. Maybe the neckline would be higher than in the pattern. I also may frog the entire project and start over again. I am kind of a perfectionist. Don't tell anyone. I'm really still in the beginning stages of the sweater. But I already knitting over 220 yards.....Hmmmm... I just can't seem to make up my mind. Help! What should I do? I am desperate for some advise. What would you do if you were me? I think that for today I going to take a break from my first sweater.

When I got home yesterday this was waiting for me. This is a mystery quilt from Jan Patek Quilts. I love Jan's designs. Her style is very primitive yet so warm. This is a block of the month. I hope I can keep up! She also sent the borders and sashing. The colors are so rich. If you have never heard of Jan Patek designs please take a look on the link above.

Also in the package were samples of her newest fabric line she designed with Linda Brannock. This line is called "Wildrose". The prints are florals and paisleys. Sweet vines and buds.

As soon as I came across this fabric I found my new favorite. I need to get more of this one. I'm talking yards more. It's perfect for backgrounds and everything else in between! I just love new fabric! How about you?!


Soo said...

Eeeeeeeeeeek! Sorry to hear about the size boo boo. If it's any consolation - we've all done it! Or equally disastrous - forgotten which size and knit half of it small and the other half medium.... All of that to look forward to!!

Those fabrics are beautiful.

Wool Winder said...

Good thing you tried it on! It's a shame to have to start over, but that's probably what I would do. Just consider it a nice large swatch.

Lisa Boyer said...

Frog it and start over. It's such a beautiful yarn and will make such a nice sweater! If you compromise at this point, you likely won't wear it. And years from now, you probably won't remember the few extra days of knitting you had to do to make it perfect--and you'll probably still be wearing and loving the sweater!

Debbie said...

Doh! I would probably frog it (because I really don't know how to design as I I wouldn't be able to fix it or shape it well, if you go girl)...but me...I would rip it rip it.. :-( after I ate a lot of chocolate, with about 1/2 jar of peanut butter and depending on my hormonal state at the time I may or may not cry ;-P

Yep...a mighty nice swatch!

susan said...

i am lisa's friend who recently left the sunny westside of kauai for da honey is a yooper. i admire you guys knitting, something i always wanted to learn but just never did. lisa is quite a gal, busy busy busy. i miss her and all my quilt pals alot plus my son and grand daughter. i am a fibre artist and teaching quilting and fabric dyeing, painting and fun fun. like you stuff. the deal with the pony was funny. i like the silos

Anonymous said...

How about me??? I love, love, love new fabric!! Went to the quilt shop with some friends Wednesday and then had fabric and a quilt book waiting for me in the mail box when I got home. LOL Can't get enough!!

Wish I knew what to tell you about the sweater. Since I can't even knit I am of no help but I do love the color. ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's fun reading about quilting and knitting. I love those Moda fabrics! Regarding the sweater, I would frog it and begin anew, otherwise I probably wouldn't be happy with it.