Monday, November 3, 2008

Maine Mitts

Maine Morning Mitts are finished and gifted to my DS girlfriend. The key to this simple pattern is the yarn. This pattern is perfect to show off striped yarn like Noro or the yarn I used Boku by Plymouth Yarn.

One skein of Boku makes one pair of mitts. I used color #1. Bree loves tye dye so I thought this yarn would be perfect. I should mention that I did hand wash the mitts when I was finished to soften them up. Good thing I did. The color bled and needed to be rinsed 4 times. The yarn softened.

I really liked the way the thumb gusset was done. I also learned a few different ways to increase. M1R and M1L. All in all it was a nice, interesting knit.

Bree was really happy with her first mitts. Isn't she just adorable?! I felt kind of weird asking her to model them. My son explained to her why I needed a model and wanted her to see my blog. My family knows about my blog. I also have a few friends that know about my blogging. I can't explain why it felt weird, it just did. Have you ever felt that way? Do your friends and family read your blog? Just curious.

The silver lining in this project is I can finally knit a pair for my DH! He's not the hand knit kind of guy. He doesn't wear sweaters or scarfs. All he will wear is a hat. I cast on for his mitts last night. I am using 100% Alpaca in classic black. I am using the same pattern. He wouldn't go for cables or anything like that. It must be simple.


Quiltersal said...

I LOVE THOSE MITTS!!! I think they will be the next thing I cast on when I'm done with the Christmas knitting...almost there. You do such great work and the photos prove it! Good Job, Barb!!

susan said...

okay...why no fingers on these...dont they get cold too? mine sure do. they turned out very nice but i keep thinking how cold the fingers would be compaired to the nice warm hands. am i missing something here :-)

elizabeth said...

She is just cute as she can be! Love the mitts and the yarn is gorgeous.

Tea said...

Those mitts are just gorgeous! I love the colors in the yarn. Excellent knitting, too!

Looks like Bree is just a natural born model. :)

Jennifer said...

Lovely, Bree looks happy with them which is all that counts. My family reads my blog but noone ever posts comments. Well, my family excluding Joy #1 & #2, unless I force them.

Renna said...

They're beautiful, Barbara! I've knit that pattern, and I also love the way the thumb gusset is done. Mine weren't done in such a pretty yarn, though. You're right, the right yarn really lends to the appeal of them.

Bree is adorable, and I completely understand the 'weird' feeling. I even feel a bit weird standing outside in my front yard taking pictures for my blog. I'm sure my neighbors wonder why I'm always doing that! ;-Þ

None of my family reads my blog is or the least bit curious about it, and you know what? That's fine by me. Not that I ever write anything that would be bad for them to see, but I still think I might be a bit more inhibited knowing they were reading it. If my mom had a computer, I'm sure she'd read it, and I'd be okay with that.

A friend I made at our local knitting group reads my blog, and it always surprises me when she occasionally makes a reference to something I wrote. I forget that I don't have complete anonymity. ;-Þ

whitestone said...

Nice Mitts! Love the colors! And for Susan, yes, the fingerless warmers do help keep the hands warm. I think full gloves/mittens would be necessary for that arctic blast weather, but for chilly temps, warmers are great.

Wool Winder said...

Everyone in my family knows about my blog. Some read and some don't. Occasionally someone at church will tell me they stumbled upon my blog and enjoyed reading it. But the weirdest one was when my sister who lives in Louisiana found out one of her neighbors read my blog. That neighbor never met me and didn't know we were sisters. It's a small world.

Love the mitts! I knit that pattern for my son's girlfriend too in her favorite color. I've always wanted to knit a pair for myself. Maybe I will.

Jenny Girl said...

The mitts are cute! And quick.
My husband and a few of my friends know about my blog, but I'm pretty sure they don't read it.
My mom thinks it's just awesome I have this wonderful hobby. i keep trying to tell her there is this whole sisterhood out there, but she doesn't quite get it.

Joyfulsister said...

That is so cute!!! I love that style. The model is very pretty too *smile*.

Hugz Lorie

Debbie said...

Bree looks great! I love the colours of the mitts :-)

None of my family or friends read my blog. They know I have one...they just don't care! LOL

Debra said...

I love your mitts too. The colors are great. I knitted some-I don't think it was that pattern, years ago. I just finished knitting my Mr. Frost's hat! I knitted tiny little mittens for him too.
I know some friends read my blog, and sometimes I fell too 'out there' but I also know that's the way I am anyway-I'm not very good about shutting up, so if I didn't have a blog, I'd have a 'blab.' (Oh..rotten joke, I know)
I thought of you yesterday when I covered my two veggie gardens with leaves. How are the lettuces doing?
Love, Debra

Liz said...

I have a few friends who read, and I know my mother-in-law reads my blog regularly. I live pretty far away from a lot of my friends and family and they say it lets them keep up on what the kids and I are doing. I like that...