Monday, December 10, 2007

Yarn Distractions

This is how far I've gotten on "My so Called scarf". I did knit about 12 inches so far. Yeah for me..... however, I made an error and have to go back a row. This pattern is not real easy to correct when you make a mistake. More of the learning experience!!!UUUGGGGHHHH!!!!It's funny how when I make an error I seem to loose some of my knitting steam. On to some fun stuff.....(to distract me from my knitting inability)

I found A great on-line yarn store. Eat,Sleep,Knit is the name. Love that! I ordered some gorgeous yarns on Friday and when I came home from work Monday I had my package. Talk about great service! I thought I would post some pictures. Everyone loves to virtually stroke new yarns!! So sit back and scroll down........ The first one is Smooshy-Chinatown Apple. Love the carmel color.

Smooshy-Deep Seaflower. I love how variegated the blues are.

Smooshy-Cool Fire. Pinks with a touch of violet.

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock-Tuscany. I knitted my first wrap with this same color in Lion and Lamb. It is gorgeous!

Cherry Tree Hill-Country Garden. More blues and touches of other pretty colors!!!

Smooshy-Ruby River. This really is much darker than it appears. Violet and purples.
Now all I have to do is learn to knit socks!!!!!!

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