Sunday, January 27, 2008

January Thaw

After almost a week of frigid weather today the temperature reached a balmy 38.8 degrees!!! Break out the bikini! Whoa, scary thought! LOL!!! Today was the perfect day to fill up the horses water tank without freezing to death!!! We fill up the water tank once a week in the winter. It becomes quite the chore when the ground is covered in snow and the wind is blowing and the temperature is zero and so on and so forth!!

It was so warm that snow and ice were melting at record speeds. You can actually see the patio and part of the driveway. Tomorrow we are suppose to have temps in the high 40's with possible rain???!!! This is just typical Illinois weather. The old saying goes....If you don't like the weather stick around it will change by tomorrow! We really seem to have extreme fluctuation in weather.

The other night I picked back up the Yarn Harlot One Row Scarf. I started it way too long ago and just have put it aside. My sweet little dog Bear was making sure I stayed on task.

I don't know why I'm having such a hard time working on this scarf. The yarn is just gorgeous! The colors are so vivid. The pattern is so easy! Maybe that's the reason....Too easy and I want to do something more challenging. But I have to finish! I have many quilts that I still haven't finished. I want to make sure I keep the UFO's under some kind of control!!!

This is my newest distraction from knitting, housework, quilting, sewing, cooking...I needed a new phone so I picked up this delicious little Blackberry. I was lucky enough to get a fun pink one. I just love pink! ( and almost every other color under the sun) What a cool toy! I can keep up with all kinds of stuff(no internet at work) like knitting blogs ect. throughout the day. So when I'm on lunch I'll be checking out some blogs like Woolwindings and Dorky Homemade Quilts and not to forget Knitspot. If time permits I'll also be catching up on Yarn Harlot too. Bloggers, I look forward to your posts so keep them coming!!!


DebbieKnitter said...

I just LOVE the photography you do. Just so pretty!!!!

Lisa Boyer said...

Beautiful snow pix! But are you actually knitting WITH HANDWARMERS ON? Brrrrr! And oh! oh! oh! how I love your little pink Blackberry. I would go back to work and commute just to be able to use one of those! And thank for the nice mention of my blog on your site--you're so sweet. I read your blog every day now, too. Nice to have friends at the North Pole, I always say. Oh...wait....Illinois...sorry.

Soo said...

Be careful....Blackberries are soooooo addictive!!

Wool Winder said...

It's gorgeous where you live, though I'm sure you're ready for the snow to leave. The scarf is so pretty. You really must finish it.

Lisa Boyer said...

Heyyyyyy!!!! I just realized that that was MY blog site on your Blackberry screen! Happy Dance!!! How fun!

Anonymous said...

omg, I REALLY want that blackberry!!!