Friday, January 4, 2008

My Favorite and First Mitts

The Hot Waffle Mitts are finished!!

I knitted my last stitch New Years Eve!

What a way to end my first real knitting year! I just can't believe that I have accomplished knitting on four double pointed needles! Thank you all for cheering me on! I probably would've given up if not for the kind words of encouragement I found here and on Ravelry. If you aren't familiar with Ravelry please check it out. There is a wealth of information and inspiration over there!
I never thought I would get so absorbed by yarns, needles, books, patterns and yes...Knitting... Wow!

Now on to the next mitt....................Another awesome one by Knitspot. Zig Zag Mitts, Hat, and scarf. I have been reading Anne Hanson's blog for days now in anticipation of her newest mitt. As soon as I saw how the pattern started to work up I knew this was going to be my next mitt project.

Picture from Knitspot

It does have a chart with the pattern. Reading a chart is another new thing for me! This might take me just a tad longer. Also I have to purchase some DK weight yarn. Almost all of my stash in worsted weight. I'm thinking a nice burgundy color. Maybe baby Alpaca. I think it is just soooo cool!!


Wool Winder said...

Great work!

Lisa Boyer said...

Love the mitts! Love the color!