Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Never Felt Better....

I spent the weekend trying to get organized. I started with the Christmas decorations. I tackled my dreaded bedroom dresser. Then I reorganized all of my knitting stuff that I keep in the living room. I do have more knitting stash in my quilting room. That's a few day project. Anyway, going through my knitting I was reminded of the UFO that I still have hangin around. My first real knitting project of last year was this felted bag I found from Noni Designs.

I fell in love with the 9 to 9 to 9evening bag. This was my first knitting project beyond scarfs. My best friend and myself set out to learn how to knit the flowers. Susi figured out the pattern and taught me.

This is my very first felted flower.

Then I got a vision for tons of flowers with big bobbles in the center. I even added some mohair to the blue flower. It has a fuzzy look to it.

As I was knitting the body of the bag I thought maybe I should use a different color of yarn. That's what got me distracted.

I put the project in a tote bag and kind of forgot about it. Sunday evening I made up my mind to just finish the purse. I washed the bag and flowers twice and this is how it looks. By the way the body of the bag is solid black casscade 220. The pink flowers are casscade 220 also.

The flowers felted perfectly. The bag felt right after it's second trip through the wash. After it dried I think I need to felt it some more. It's not as stiff as I thought it would be. It's in the wash right now. I thought the little plastic handle on the pattern was really fun. Now I'm thinking maybe a longer I-cord. What's your opinion? What kind of handle should it be?

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Wool Winder said...

I think a purchased handle of some type would give it a professional finished look. Great work!