Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Right Perspective

I've been working on my Zig Zag Mitts. I love the pattern. I think it is just so cool! I seem to be having a little trouble with it. You see, this is my first attempt with size 2 double points. Also my first try with DK weight yarn. I have been knitting along on it. I kept saying to myself just one more row then I can see the pattern fully. I kept the picture of the pattern close at hand. I showed my DH and asked him what he thought of my mitt. We both agreed that it's just not right. I kept studying my mitt and the knitting stitches. There was only one answer. Yup, That's right I had to rip it all out!!!

I was feeling so down on my skills as a knitter. I started beating myself up. It's funny how we can be so hard on ourselves. But you know I just have to keep the right perspective. Although I feel a little discouraged I have to realize that this is a learning experience. Just because I make a mistake doesn't mean that I'm going to quit or give up. No Way!! I confess that I am more than a conqueror!! I will conquer this pattern!!!

So today I was home all day. I decided to work on something that I'm really good at. I have been cooking all day!!! I love when I can do that. I must have about 8 chickens in the freezer. I think all of them were calling my name to make homemade chicken soup. So far I have my broth out in my outdoor fridge. It's a great way to de-fat the the broth. Just got to love the snow!!!


Lisa Boyer said...

Your outdoor freezer! That is so funny! OMG, if I left broth outside in January like that, it would be full of bugs, geckoes, roosters, feral cats...need I go on? Critter soup.

PS. It's fun comparing weather stories...thanks for posting.

Wool Winder said...

I'm sure you'll get it right next time.