Monday, November 24, 2008

First Measurable Snow

We have had our very first measurable snow of the season. The snow comes as a surprise to our area. The weather forecasters didn't predict the snowfall until last evening. Yesterday our temperatures was in the mid 40's. I found it hard to believe that it would snow overnight. The snow is pretty.

Let's go out and take a look at the garden. I love the footprints in the snow.

The lettuce is still under cover. I checked on it yesterday and it's looking good. I'm not worried about the wet snow covering the greens. I'm still praying for my Thanksgiving salad. I think I'll make it!!

I love the way the snow covers this tiny pine tree. I would love to walk around my property taking pictures of the snow laden branches. I'm on a work time crunch so I can't lolly around this morning.

Sam the snowman is in all of his glory. He has his hat and scarf on and is ready for the day! Enjoy yours!


Wool Winder said...

The snow is pretty in the early morning light.

WhiteStone said...

I love the snowman posing by the tree. I never think to "plan" my photos that way and I see that other bloggers are a bit more clever than I in that regard. LOL. We've had similar snow. But I hope now that it remains dry till Christmas.

Jennifer said...

yea, snow! I'm still loving your winter garden!

Renna said...

Thank you for sharing your snow with those of us less fortunate. I do remember occasions where we've gotten snow for Thanksgiving; once when I was a teenager (and you know that was a LONG time ago), and the other time wasn't really snow, but rather an ice storm.

I always enjoy the little 'picture walks' you take us on, on your blog. I agree with Whitetone, the snowman pose was a clever shot, indeed! :-)

Quiltersal said...

Brr...looks cold to me! Wehaven't gotten snow yet but I don't doubt it's in our future.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Susan said...

I envy your rich dark garden soil!
No wonder your lettuce is so pretty!

susan said...

im still waiting for more snow. supposed to get some tonight and then some the rest of the week. i love sam...he is so cute! i got all 36 12" wow blocks done with the black centers, now i have to do 30 more but with colored centers, i already have 6 of these done. man oh man...what a lot of work but this quilt is gonna be awesome :-)

Liz said...

Hooray for snow and for your snowman! He is super ute.

Debbie said...

Sam the snowman looks so happy!

I'm still soooo impressed by your garden I can't even tell you how much!

Jennifer said...

Ha! I love the snowman. What a wonderful fibery surprise.

Kathy said...

Oh your post images are lovely. New clean snow. So lovely. SUch a gift. I love your snowperson. Does makig them hurt? It just seems like it would?

Michelle Palmer said...

Sweet little snow friend! Very cute!
We are enjoying snow...last night it was rain-snowing SLUSH~
It was like driving through a soft snowball fight...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Juri said...

Living in Florida, I so appreciate the pictures of the snow! How beautiful! I hope that your and your loved ones have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


CarpeDyem said...

HA! I've just seen the photo of Sam the Snowman in the snow - I'm grinning like a Cheshire Cat now! Thank you so much for that!

Your garden looks lovely in the snow!

Did you get to have your Thankgiving Salad? I really hope so!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tea said...

Aw, I love snow! The snowman is adorable and very well-dressed I might add. I'm whinin' for snow, now.

Joyfulsister said...

Guess what.. we got snow on top of our volcanos!!
that is the only place we get snow here in Hawaii, and you have to get a jeep to go up there just to play with snow lol. Your photos are so beautiful I loved the snow when we were staioned in areas where it did snow. Love that cute lil snow guy too!!

Hugz Lorie

Jenny Girl said...

Sam is adorable!
The snow is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Hello Cinnamon Girl! Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my fabrics. :-) Please DO come back again! New friends are always welcome!

Hmmm...those footprints in the snow...they look awfully LARGE! Are they BEAR prints by any chance? We have bears here in northern PA but I hope they're hibernating by now because they destroy our bird feeders and eat all the seed! Not to mention it's a bit scary to venture outside when they're around!

Enjoy your snow! Ours is gone. Hoping for more.

Happy Sunday and welcome back anytime!

Diane ;-)