Friday, November 14, 2008

Quilted Postcards and Gardening Update

These are the quilted postcards I made for our fall swap on Ravelry. This is my third postcard swap. Our group exchanged cards with 13 swappers. I challenged myself to only use a stack of 8" squares left over from a quilt I made a few years ago.

I cheated and added a 1/4 of a yard from my fabric stash. Here is a close up of one of the cards. I ended up stitching 22 quilted postcards in all. If you remember my post a couple weeks ago here I showed you some beautiful fabric. The batik leaf print was so totally gorgeous that I knew I had to fussy cut them out and applique them to my pieced backgrounds. Then I used a variegated gold embroidery thread to compliment the vein in the leaves. I really enjoy sewing these cute cards. I also make sure to send a few to some friends and relatives. My great aunt who is 85 loves getting mail. I am so honored that she enjoys my quilted post cards.

These are the cards I have received so far. I love them all! My plan is to decorate my sewing room with all of the postcards. I have a vision for a quilted postcard border.

This is what I sewed with the rest of the pretty fabric I showed earlier. Wildflower pincushion is the pattern. I will admit that my sewing skills are little rusty. It took me several reads of the pattern to figure it out. I wanted the pincushion to look like a pumpkin. What do you think? It's so cute.

The fall lettuce crop is still growing. Even after a few very cold nights in the low 20's! After one especially frigid night I waited for the sun to rise to check and see what survived. I had everything covered with the floating row covers. I put my hand under the covers and could feel crunchy leaves. I thought for sure that all was lost.

I am so grateful for the warm weather that we have enjoyed for the last few days. It seemed to revive the garden. Nothing was lost! Maybe I will be able to harvest some baby spinach!

The arugula is still producing many wonderful leaves. I have lots of spicy, nutty leaves to share. I am amazed that my garden is still growing on November 14. Awesome!


Tea said...

What beautiful postcards! Your work is quite admirable. Can't wait to see the postcard border in your sewing room. That's really a great idea!

Oh, how I wish I hadn't seen your cute little pincushion! It's screamin' at me to make one now...and, of course you were thoughtful & provided the link! Somebody stop

My how your garden grows! I love fresh spinach.

Quiltersal said...

Ooooh, Barb! Those postcards are lovely...I sure do love mine! Am still waiting for another 4 I think...then I plan on showing them on my own blog. I envy your gardening. I'm simply not an outdoor kind of girl! Hope you get the baby spinach before it gets too cold.

Jennifer said...

Great post. So many lovely things to comment on. I love seeing your creativity through your sewing and my computer screen!

And eek! I'm so excited for your garden. When i cleaned out my raised beds I left a parsley plant and a bit of mint and both are still doing well with no water from me and no covering. I can't wait to start planning next years garden. I saved some pumpkin seeds from a pie pumpkin I bought at the market. It is so much fun.

elizabeth said...

Well I had no idea there were quilting groups on Ravelry!!!! And thank you for showing the quilted postcards. I've read about them on some quilting groups but never really seen pictures. And these will go through the mail just like that or you put in an envelope??? I'll bet my grandmother would enjoy this as well.

Debbie said...

So much fun stuff in this post!

I love the pin cushion!

Wow, I can't believe all the life you still have in your garden! That's so cool! I can't wait to grow some more spinach and lettuce next year.

D's Blog said...
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WhiteStone said...

I love the postcards! And the garden veggies, too!

Liz said...

The garden made it - yeah! Those postcards are great. I think a postcard border would look great!

CarpeDyem said...

The post cards and sewing are wonderful! Really beautiful! Enjoy your crop, it looks tasty! We've only got leeks and parnips inat the moment, but we've plans afoot for the Spring!

Debra said...

I have tagged you! If you want to play, the rules are to name 15 things you aren't afraid to admit. You can see what I did at my blog. Don't feel pressured if you don't want to do it!
PS So glad your lettuce is doing so well. Lovely postcards too.

Wool Winder said...

Love your quilted cards! And the pin cushion is cute too. The garden looks like it's thriving with some babying from you and your green thumb.

Juri said...

The postcards are really beautiful! I love them! And what a fantastic idea to border your sewing room with some! The pincushion is just adorable!!!


Joyfulsister said...

Hey Sis..
Wow I have never seen a quilted postcard, how cute is that!! I bet your family just loves your creations. I have missed you and I just wanted to stop by and say hello!! I need to get motivated with my crafts lol..

HUgz Lorie

WhiteStone said...

I found a surprise postcard in my Mail!!! Thank you!! I am tickled. (They should have a little yellow smiley face for Tickled!)

CarpeDyem said...

I can quite proudly say that I have one of these wonderful quilted cards in my home! I was absolutely over the moon when I recieved it, such a beautiful, unique and thoughtful gift - thank you!