Friday, November 28, 2008

Cozy Comfort

Flirtaion cozy is finished! Here are the details:

Pattern: Flirtation cozy.
Needle size: size 8
Yarn: SWS by Patons
Colorway: Natural Garden

This pattern kept my attention. One wrong glance and poof, it's time to rip. I must have ripped at least 10 different times. I do like how it looks. The warm colors of the SWS by Patons made this cozy. Anyone for some hot chocolate?

It's been snowing here all day. The weather report is very vague. They are calling for 3-8 inches. That's quite a large range. I noticed my horses bucking and jumping in the snow. I ran inside to get my camera to get some action shots.

By the time I raced back outside the action was over. Just searching for green grass.

Before the snow covered the ground I needed to pick up as many pine cones as I could. One of the young ladies at church is getting married next month and needs pine cones for decorations. I have plenty of them. As I walked around picking up all of the large beautiful cones I was surprised by these.

I found several of these tiny pine cones. I added a quarter to the bowl so you could see how small they are. These are so cute. I have to find something to do with them. Any idea's?


Debbie said...

Love the mug cozy! That would keep things hot on a stroll about outside!

My Mother-in-law has beautiful wreaths made of just pine cones and berries hanging on the doors...I just love them!

Mim said...

Cute mug cozy. I knew when I saw it the other day it had to be Patons SWS. We had snow this morning, all gone now.

Jennifer said...

Cute cozy! Christmas gift or personal use?

Tea said...

I can see how the pattern would require your undivided attention. It looks very thick, like it would insulate well. Love the yarn colors.

Oh, for just a few inches of snow! So jealous. :)

Renna said...

The cozy looks very cozy, and very pretty!

I'm getting so jealous of everyone's snow! On the flip side, our 60-something temperature days with sunshine next week will be nice. :-)

susan said...

we have these in our yard too, i think they come off the balsalm trees. the red pines cones are larger but not as big as the kind you get on the west coast from say a pinion pine or tori pine. they are cute, the squirrels and chipmunks love them. it is about 20 right now and i wish it would snow more. the wind is howling. i have so much sewing to do and i really really need to totally clean up and rearrange the extra bedroom where tori will be sleeping and where i have alot of quilt stuff flung around. tomarrow i guess. and yes, the black really makes those hand dyes pop on my wow quilt. i cannot wait to get it done. i told mark i might enter it in a show or two and he said, but its going on our bed......

Quiltersal said...

I, too, was thinking of a wreath for the small cones. Maybe some berries or some golden ribbons entwined.

Hope you got the short end of the snow predictions. We got about .4 of an inch yesterday and then a bit more overnight. Had to go into 4 wheel drive to get to town this morning. Sun expected this afternoon...just in time for me to go home!

Stay safe!

Wool Winder said...

The mug cozy is pretty! I've been thinking of making something like that for a soda can. Not to keep the contents cold, but to keep the cold away from my fingers.


Hello to You,
I have some time to visit and since you came over I thought I should visit you. Looking forward to the Christmas card swap. The mug warmer is cute and I have a fondness for horses.
Have a good week.
Christmas JOY to You.

CarpeDyem said...

I like collecting pine cones. I collected some last winter where I used to work and they are the biggest I've found. I still have them on the dashboard in my car! Thinking about it, i used to go scrumping for apples in the hospital grounds as well, inder the guise of taking patients for escorted

The mug cozy is beautiful - if the offer of a hot chocolate is still open, I'll have one please!

Jenny Girl said...

Oh I love horses! Such beautiful, majestic, and souful creatures.
Your cozies are adorable, and some hot chocoalte sounds good right about now. We are supposed to get snow in Philly over the weekend. We'll see.
How about some small wreaths made from the pine cones? Or make them into ornaments for the tree with some red ribbon.