Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Old Red Barn Co. Contest

I was doing a bit of surfing this morning and clicked on one of my favorites. Imagine my surprise to see a contest giveaway. It's a huge give away. I think it's probably one of the best prizes. A quilt! Oh ya, a finished quilt. Something you can wrap yourself and your special someone in! You could lay it out on the soft grass for a picnic. Click Old Red Barn Co. and enter! I would love to win this. How about you? It would be so cool if any of us won! Old Red Barn Co is also giving away runner up prizes. They make handmade soaps and sugar scrubs. Go check it out if you like. It's a very cozy site with lots of great photos. Also good food and fun quilting! Good luck!
Today we are going out on the boat for some fun in the sun. It finally hit 90 degrees for the second time this entire year. A day on the water relaxing is just what we need. I'll be back tomorrow with knitting pictures and a special recipe. I'll give you a little teaser. The main ingredient is a juicy, sweet watermelon.
See you tomorrow!


Jennifer said...

Funny, I saw this post yesterday. I didn't enter. I never win even when I do. I am guessing that you are making watermelon salsa. Close? Enjoy your day.

whitestone said...

Watermelon! Yum! The only problem with watermelon is that DH tends to eat it out of hand. In the kitchen. Which means drips. Which means sticky floor! I can tell because I walk barefoot and my barefeet notice every tiny drip. My barefeet protest. I protest. But DH is who he is and I don't suppose at his age he will ever change his WM eating habits. He's a dear one, so I don't fuss. Much. LOL

Renna said...

Ooh, hurry back, I'm hooked!

Wool Winder said...

That's a pretty quilt! Hope you win.