Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Beauty of the Growing Season

I am always is awe of God's awesome creation. As I sit here at my computer and type my mind wanders to the scenes before me. It may be the hay field down the road.

Or it's the tunnel of tall corn that lines my road.

I am astounded to see the honey bee land on this squash flower, pollinate it and that in turn produces fruit.

I am thrilled to see one of my first peaches of the season start to ripen on the tree. As I shot this picture the scent of peaches enveloped me. My thoughts drift off to homemade peach ice cream. That reminds me of something... Want to see?

The peaches remind me on some yarn I purchased at Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair. This is one of my finds. Brooks Farm came to the show all the way from Lancaster Texas. The color is MD3 in the duet line. Come in a little closer to see the twist of the fiber.

It's funny how nature reminds me of fibers. Things like yarn and fabric. The colors of crops, flowers, trees, water the sky and even the ground we walk on inspire me to create things with my hands.
I thank the Lord for all of His creation! God is so good!!!!


Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures and yarn. God is good. Nature is the best place to meet Him. Though I see a lot of hard work put into the nature around you.

Quiltersal said...

Oh, yes! God is surely good. He brought you and I together through our blogging!!! Now you've made me hungry for peaches! And I'm at work right now.....Gak!

Renna said...

I love looking at your pictures. The colors are always so deep and vibrant. I can almost smell that pretty peach!

The yarn is gorgeous! I wish Brooks Farms had a storefront, since Lancaster isn't that far from Dallas. I plan to catch next year's fiber show in Dallas/Ft.Worth, though, and I see they set up there.

whitestone said...

Summertime is full of good things. The colors, the smells, the good things to eat. Summertime is full of life. Is it any wonder that we love the summer!

Joyfulsister said...

I love the country, I live in Hawaii and grew up in the country during the sugar plantation times and always love just being out doors and seeing God's creations even as a child. The plantations are now gone and little by little progress is taking over the islands and our little country towns seem to be disapperaing. I loved looking at your country photos, it sure gives a sense of serenity. Thanks for sharing them with us.
Aloha Lorie

susan said...

Love the sunflowers. I am going to grow next year. Our summer up has been very cold but some stuff has struggled though. The raspberries were fanaminal...I froze so me and Victoria can make jam when she comes this winter...and doesnt it always lead to yarn?!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your photos! We are in "Corn Country" too. I love driving down the roads with corn on both sides, like a tunnel of corn. It is so tall this year! The sun flowers are beautiful. :-)

Anonymous said...